Practice Concentration

MQMH provides successful legal representation and strategic consulting for clients involved in nearly all facets of the alcoholic beverages, food, restaurant, nightlife, hospitality, sports and entertainment-related industries.

With an in-depth understanding of industry and regulation, MQMH navigates new and existing businesses through the local, State and Federal administrative and community approvals process. Our practice includes licensure and permitting of restaurant, nightclub, hotel, sports and entertainment facilities; entitlements for land development, expansion and operation of stadiums, theaters, resorts, clubs and other venues. MQMH also advocates on behalf of wholesalers, suppliers and retailers licensed pursuant to M.G.L. c.138.

Client Industries

MQMH’s Alcoholic Beverages, Food and Entertainment Licensing practice area includes a variety of accomplishments on behalf of numerous local, national and international clients in the following areas:

  • On-premise restaurant enterprises of all types; franchisors/franchisees, full and quick-service operations, farmer-brewers, breweries and wineries.
  • Off-premise alcoholic beverage package stores, supermarket and related uses.
  • Alcoholic beverage wholesalers, distributors, suppliers and trade associations.
  • Sports, entertainment and nightclub venues, including local-based Major League ballpark, musical performance, theatre and nightlife facilities.
  • Hotels, ballrooms and special event venues.
  • Mobile gourmet food truck enterprises.

Local-Practice/Statewide Reach

MQMH’s Alcoholic Beverages, Food and Entertainment Licensing practice includes successful client projects and approvals in each and every Boston neighborhood, all Greater Boston cities and towns, and in nearly every community throughout Eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands.